After a small introduction into mappings we’ll take off with a very common but powerful mapping: the interrelation between the inside and the outside of a program. We’ll navigate through all basic topics of programming (see below) with »Mapping« in mind. We’ll enrich that through found mappings in our everyday life, which may inspire us for our own program-driven mappings, which will modify or generate (moving) images in relation to data (like sound or movements).

Programming topics we’ll cover:

  • Variables

  • Functions

  • Control flow (for & while loops)

  • Data types (string, int, float)

  • Composite data types (array, list)

  • Conditionals (if … elif … else)

  • Booleans (True, False)

  • Modules, Libraries

  • OOP

Your output:

  • Find mappings in your everyday life

  • Create a programmed mapping (small project, maybe in relation to the Projektmodul »Lost (in) music«)